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Pan-Wiki Testing

Pan Wiki commands are commands such as {{#time:U}} which are like templates in that they are preceded and succeeded by double curly braces, but yet work on any wiki, without the need to create a template page for them. They are also known as "Magic Words".


-95078015 S

-1584633.5833333 M

-26410.559722222 H

-1100.4399884259 D






Log March 15, 2018

  • Counted number of books in local Goodwill. They have 1,221 books, (including the one I took home about the planets), 49 CDs and 10 cassettes. Counting was done by mentally counting to one hundred, then keeping track of the hundreds on the left hand such that the position of the fingers denoted a binary number which in turn denotes a decimal number which in turn denotes the number of hundreds already tallied off. The pinkie was 2^0, the ring finger 2^1, the middle finger 2^2, the index finger 2^3, and the thumb 2^4, thus allowing a maximum value of 31, or 31 hundreds in addition to the 99 counted mentally, making an efficient tally system up to 3,199, sufficient for purposes like this.
  • Made this:
██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████
██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██
██  ██████  ██  ██  ██████  ██  ██  ██████  ██  ██  ██████  ██
██          ██  ██          ██  ██          ██  ██          ██
██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████
    ██  ██          ██  ██          ██  ██          ██  ██
██████  ██████████████  ██████  ██████  ██████████████  ██████
██                          ██  ██                          ██
██  ██████████  ██████████  ██  ██  ██████████  ██████████  ██
██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██  ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██
██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████
        ██          ██                  ██          ██
██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████
██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██  ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██
██  ██████████  ██████████  ██████  ██████████  ██████████  ██
██                                                          ██
██████  ██████████  ██████████  ██████████  ██████████  ██████
    ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██
██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████
██          ██          ██          ██          ██          ██
██  ██████  ██  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██  ██████  ██
██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██
██████  ██████  ██  ██████████  ██████████  ██  ██████  ██████
                ██                          ██               █
██████  ██████  ██  ██████████  ██████████  ██  ██████  ██████
██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██  ██  ██  ██  ██    
██  ██████  ██  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██  ██████  ██
██          ██          ██          ██          ██          ██
██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████  ██████
    ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██      ██  ██
██████  ██████████  ██████████  ██████████  ██████████  ██████

Dost Thou Not Writhe With Displeasure When This Occurs?



\(\left<\begin{array}{ccc}0 & 1 & \omega\\ \Omega & \Omega_{\omega} & \Omega_{\Omega} \end{array}\right>\)


MathJax Rule Testing

#000000 to #00FF00

\(\color{#000000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#001000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#002000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#003000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#004000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#005000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#006000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#007000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#008000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#009000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#00A000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#00B000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#00C000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#00D000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#00E000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#00F000}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\color{#00FF00}{\Rule{10px}{16ex}{0ex} }\)

























Those blank lines messing up an otherwise smooth gradient are annoying.


Userbox Testing

March 14, 2018
50?cb=20180130172813 It's Pi Day.

Wacky Wonky Willy Wonka Waver Wimulator

Googology Disclaimer

Comprehension of the infinitude of the natural numbers is a task not to be taken lightly by the uninitiated. Hence, this is a waver, or contract as it were, that you will agree to, in an admission that you may be exposed to the following things in your googological endeavors.

1.) You must acknowledge that there is no largest number, if you say there is it will result in the following punishments:

a.) Instant wrath and retribution on the part of anyone who sees your statement.
b.) Rejection by one's own family and a period of 18 years, 7 months, 12 days, and 5 minutes during which you will be forced to wear ALF t-shirts while living in a frigid cave with a floor of steel legos.
c.) You must write out "Infinity is not the largest number" 7,224,222 times on a chalkboard using black chalk - if any of the letters overlap then you have to start again but taken to 7,224,222th power every time.

2.) Never add one to a pre-existing number and say that is the largest number.

3.) Never add two to a pre-existing number and say it's the largest number.

4.) Never make salad extensions.

a.) Unless you're Vel! and your salad number is called a Croutonillion

5.) Thou shalt not take Bower's name in vain - even if it's to poke fun of how ill-defined his Legions are of course.

6.) Please don't put tons of white space at the end of your blog posts or make really big unfinished tables.

7.) Never end a blog post with "WIP" or "[closed]".

a.) Unless you are either Alemagno12 or Edwin Shade, (no hate!).

8.) If you have any questions regarding ordinals ask one of the following people:

a.) Deedlit11

b.) Hyp cos

c.) Emlightened

9.) Propose, analyse, extend, SWAG.

That's all there is to it!

Pi Day 2018!

For pi day 2018 it was claimed a memorization and subsequent recitation would take place, as stated here, but that won't be the case this year. True, a YouTube video could be linked where a recitation of the digits is being performed but it has been decided sharing facial appearances online incurs risks, and only ~150 digits were memorized, a pathetic excuse for the memorization up to the Feynman point that was planned. Well, maybe next year - but, pi day must still be commemorated in some fashion! Before the end of today something will be devised.

On a sad note it looks like Stephen Hawking died, incidentally on the same date that Einstein was born, 139 years later. So the following notation, (which will be much in progress), is dedicated to him.

Of course, since it's pi day, it will use the letter \(\pi\)!

First, let \(\pi(n)=n+1\), beginning from \(\pi(0)=1\). When a fixed point is reached just insert a \(\Omega\) into the notation, and up the cardinality by one every time a "strong" limit is reached...well, that is very vague no doubt, so this is a table which will hopefully clear up confusion for both you, the reader, and myself. (note the level-cardinal it is is measured by the notation itself, so \(\Omega_3=\Omega_{\pi(\pi(\pi(0)))}\), for example.)

It begins simple.

Pi-Expression Normal Form Equivalent
\(\pi(0)\) 1
\(\pi(\pi(0))\) 2
\(\pi(\pi(\pi(0)))\) 3
\(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(0)})\) \(\omega\)
\(\pi(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(0)}))\) \(\omega+1\)
\(\pi(\pi(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(0)})))\) \(\omega+2\)
\(\pi(\pi(\pi(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(0)}))))\) \(\omega+3\)
\(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\pi(0))})\) \(\omega2\)
\(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\pi(\pi(0)))})\) \(\omega3\)
\(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\Omega)})\) \(\omega^2\)
\(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\pi(0))})})\) \(\omega^22\)
\(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\pi(\pi(0)))})})\) \(\omega^23\)
\(\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\Omega_{\pi(\Omega)})})\) \(\omega^3\)
\(\pi(\Omega_{\Omega})\) \(\omega^4\)


Log March 13, 2018

Wait a minute - Cloudy176 just got appointed a bureaucrat. Well, congratulations!

After a year and a half of inactivity Ikosarakt1 is back - cool! It's like this place is having a revival!

Oh my Goddekathol, what have you done Alemagno12?

This Was Unknown95387's Idea


2018: A MathJax Oddysey


Zeno's Riddle

\(\underbrace{\color{#FF0000}{\Rule{32ex}{20px}{0px}}}_{\text{50%}}\underbrace{\color{#FFFF00}{\Rule{16ex}{20px}{0px}}}_{\text{25%}}\underbrace{\color{#FF0000}{\Rule{8ex}{20px}{0px}}}_{\text{12.5%}}\underbrace{\color{#FFFF00}{\Rule{4ex}{20px}{0px}}\color{#FF0000}{\Rule{2ex}{20px}{0px}}\color{#FFFF00}{\Rule{1ex}{20px}{0px}}\color{#FF0000}{\Rule{0.5ex}{20px}{0px}}\color{#FFFF00}{\Rule{0.25ex}{20px}{0px} }\color{#FF0000}{\Rule{0.125ex}{20px}{0px}}\color{#FFFF00}{\Rule{0.0625ex}{20px}{0px}}\color{#FF0000}{\Rule{0.03125ex}{20px}{0px}}\color{#FFFF00}{\Rule{0.015625ex}{20px}{0px} }\color{#FF0000}{\Rule{0.0078125ex}{20px}{0px}}\color{#FFFF00}{\Rule{0.00390625ex}{20px}{0px}}}_{\text{etc...}}\leftarrow\moveleft3pt{\text{Is the last one yellow or red?}}\)

Neither: it's 0px. 10:51, March 14, 2018 (UTC)
Good resolution! Edwin Shade (talk) 14:00, March 14, 2018 (UTC)

There was originally much more content here, but due to lagging it had to be archived in a Google documents folder for now - all 35 pages of content. To see what was here before just look here. (As an added bonus even the pictures turn up in the page's history for you to see because they were inserted using the "vignette trick".)


Useful facts to know about FANDOM.

  • The first time you create a user page or edit your profile page it will not appear in Wiki Activity, but it will appear in the Recent Changes feed.
  • You can change the title of your blog post after it's written by inserting "Special:MovePage/" before the "User_blog:" part of the URL and changing it accordingly.
  • By right clicking a photo and pressing "Open image in new tab" until you just have the image on the screen against black, and changing the "static" part of the URL to "vignette" if it isn't already, you can then take that URL and paste it in any wiki, which will show up as a photo though it is not part of the wiki. Here's an example:


  • You cannot register a name consisting solely of numbers, but by changing your name you can, as well as changing your name to emojis.
  • It is possible to receive the "your e-mail has been confirmed" notification without actually having your e-mail confirmed. Just go to "[INSERT YOUR USERNAME HERE]?emailConfirmed=1", (minus the quotation marks of course). To get a pop-up message which tell you you're not confirmed go to "[INSERT YOUR USERNAME HERE]?emailConfirmed=0". These are of course only superficial messages and have no bearing on the authenticity of your account.
  • Creating, renaming, or changing the profile picture of an account without actually editing the wiki you did it on still qualifies to the computer as you having joined the wiki. Therefore, there are people such as MichalH777 who are technically a part of this wiki though they've never edited it. (Also, "Eddie edited it" is fun to say.)

List of Other Accounts

⚠️Note the following accounts are not for evasion or wrongful purposes. They are simply for the sake of claiming names that have not already been taken and serving as accounts that may be used in the future when wishing to edit other wikis with a measure of anonymity. With that said though, they will not be used for anything bad in the slightest.

Frequent Use Accounts

Some of these haven't been used yet, so they are in a state of latency. But they will be used eventually on other wikis.

Username Profile Picture
0000000000000 150
Benny Franks 150
G-Minor 150
Nikolai Ivanovich Lobatchesvky 150
Sargent Discord and the Lonely Chaos Club 150
The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything 150
This Is A Self-Referential Username 150
This Is A Question Mark 150
Qaazzzwwwwsssssxxxxxx 150
YouTube Video ID dQw4w9WgXcQ 150

One-Time Use Accounts

Username Profile Picture
A Username Made Just For This Comment 150
Arbitrary Arbitrator 150

"Vignette Trick" Testing

Insert "/scale-to-width-down/n" for n-pixel width picture after "latest" and before question mark.


Quote Wall

These quotes are color coded, blue is for quotes to live by or that are especially insightful, red is for quotes that are funny yet inaccurate, and green is for quotes that are just plain funny or random, (a.k.a. miscellaneous).

You're 93 years old and you don't know who "ALF" is?
  —Danny Walters Jr.

The worst thing that i seen in my life in this wiki is no female googolist...

‒you are cool when you're being yourself.

\(\begin{array}{c}\text{News Reporter: Prince Harry couldn't have asked for a better bride!}\\ \text{Me: Well he technically could have, it just would have looked rude.}\end{array}\)
  —Something said that made my Mom laugh

Welp, looks like that's all for quotes...

But wait - there's more!
  —Billy Mays

Quote Wall II

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.
  —Richard Feynman

Why on Earth am I misquoted so often?
  —Albert Einstein[citation needed]

Hip hop, you don't stop - boogie to the boom boom, I gotta nuke!
  —Kim Jong un

\(\begin{array}{c}\text{I didn't say that I didn't say it.}\\ \text{I said that I didn't say that I said it.} \\ \text{I want to make that very clear.}\end{array}\)
  —George Romney[src]

Fastest Rap[?]

In an utterly unfortunate state of lyrical affairs the raps which qualify as having the most syllables per second are usually the most profane, and for someone who's looking for something that can serve as a family-friendly party-trick type rap with which to exhibit, this is annoying.

So it's been decided to create the world's fastest rap below, (or at the least an attempt in doing so). (Note tempo is Prestissimo - or as fast as possible.) Also, this was originally intended to be a solo rap, but changing it into a rap battle is just more fun.

Andre Joyce vs James Joyce

Andre Joyce

I'm[hold the contraction out for a second so as to catch the listener unaware as to the speed of the next portion] summing up a couple of differential equations,
Doing flash math so fast it'll leave you dazed and
I'd bid and bet the better part of my bread
That if you tried to top this meta-mathematical pitter patter
You'd never be the better,
No, never ever, but in stead -
You'll run out of steam like Bower's BEAF,
I'm taught it only goes to ep' naught and that's weak !
If you could count to the numbers that I'm generating,
Like Bentley you will be forever waiting,
'Cause the numbers that I make are absurdly comical,
Large and hierarchitiptoptilofical.
This is your fate and there are no second takes,
Unlike Finnegan there'll be no reviving at your wake.

James Joyce

River run past Eve and Adams brings us by swerve of shore and bend of bay,
To a lonely little MC who is getting owned today.
I spit sick quips quick like mental mathematics,
Making matters organized and square like it's quadratics,
With a mind always burning, churning, and turning inside and out,
Never ceasing, always increasing to find the most efficient route.
I wrote a book studied by every English scholar,
No one even knows who you really are!
My talent is inimitable,
Your defeat is inevitable,
With the words by which you've been struck...
Admit it Andre, you've already been defeated,
Like those unsourced articles you'll soon be deleted.

Finally On the Right Path? (previously "Dungeon of Drama"]

(It's dangerous to go alone - take this: 🗡️) - Edwin Shade

(It is. indeed, dangerous to go alone, and it was quite foolish of you to try) - PsiCubed2

(and I've deleted all the sinful and stupid things you've written. Just helping you out here to start a new page) - PsiCubed2

The important part of the conversation (which remains unabridged) continues below:

Just wondering though - it's quite clear nothing eventful is being done with my life and that is one of the primary reasons for this - but why keep bringing it up if it's so obvious? What do you hope to prove or do by stating the obvious? Edwin Shade

(?osts, no more apologies-and-promises-that-you-break-after-a-couple-of-days (we're especially sick of those) and definitely no more vandalism. I don't care if your edits are benign or not. A ban is a ban. And since you've been evading this ban for the past month or so, your 6 months should start today.
BTW there's nothing more badass then keeping your faith and your morals in times of crisis (and I'm not talking just about your own faith here. This is a universal principle). The things you've said and done in the past few days were incredibly, amazingly, mind-bogglingly stupid. I truly hope you will never fall to such depths again.
At any rate, I am awaiting your reply. Do you promise to get away from here for 6 months, as you originally promised on Feb 15, 20:12 UT? Just to make clear: this means that you cease all activity outside this page, immediately. No ifs and no buts. PsiCubed2 (talk) 19:37, March 10, 2018 (UTC)
Yes, it was promised Cloudy yesterday no more sockpuppets or anything like that. Is editing of this talk page during the six months permissible however? Edwin Shade (talk) 19:47, March 10, 2018 (UTC)
Good. As for your question: Technically, you shouldn't be allowed to edit this page either. But given the current use you've found for it, it would be foolish to ban you from doing it.
But please please do not misuse this privilage. We will not hesitate to revoke it, if you do. PsiCubed2 (talk) 20:07, March 10, 2018 (UTC)
Okay. Thank you for your words and all. :) It'd be best get more active on other communities in the meantime. Edwin Shade (talk) 21:25, March 10, 2018 (UTC)
I think this has gone far enough. When you used this page to get out of a negative situation, that was a good thing. Now you're just editing this page over and over, hundreds of times a day. Worse, you're using this page to circumnavigate the spirit of the ban by turning it into a catch-all page for stuff you would have put elsewhere otherwise.
This is not what Vel meant, when he told you to "take a break", and you shouldn't be doing this. PsiCubed2 (talk) 22:08, March 12, 2018 (UTC)
Na-uh-ah! According to the promise, there was to be no editing of any pages besides this one, nor introduction of sockpuppets. And the promise has been kept 100% since then. Regardless of what can be done here, there are still severe limitations which impede the full "spreading of wings" as it were, so do not believe the punishment was in vain simply as a result of lawful circumnavigation ingenuity.
My mind never stops firing neurons so neither should the personality behind the mind. Nothing wrong with that, as long as this is manifest in good behavior. Actually, it has been found my creativity has sky-rocketed since abiding by the ban, as now one is forced to contrive cleverer contraptions by which to achieve the desired means. Edwin Shade (talk) 22:12, March 12, 2018 (UTC)
I'm not going to argue with you. This is not good behavior. Also, it is quite obvious that you're still using sock puppets. But it is also obvious that nobody here really cares enough to do anything about it. So you know what? I think this community deserves you as punishment for their apathy. Have fun and fire away! PsiCubed2 (talk) 06:29, March 13, 2018 (UTC)
I'm outta here. PsiCubed2 (talk) 06:29, March 13, 2018 (UTC)
Nope, the promise regarding sock puppets and other-page editing has still been kept, and only the Edwin account has been used to edit the site. Also, come on! You were the same one who talked about "there's nothing more bad-ass than keeping your morals in times of crisis", so how is saying "have fun and fire away" keeping to your belief this site should be better? Yes, the community deserves someone willing to give their time for the furtherance of this field, but as a helpful contributor. There's also no apathy here, it's just that things are handled in a way that you may not agree with.
Goodbye Psi, your blog post evoked a slight sadness, like that of missing another individual. Thank you for your time and contributions here, and know that someday an analysis of your letter notation will be made. Edwin Shade (talk) 15:16, March 13, 2018 (UTC)

Blog Posts

Analysis, Formalization and Extension of Bower's BEAF Arrays

Here is Bower's own description of BEAF, annotated and with additional notes for the reader's benefit, (and anyone else who still doesn't know BEAF):

Array Notation

The five rules for the original Array Notation were as follows:

Rule 1:Condition - only 1 or 2 entries - {a} = a, {a,b} = a^b Chris Bird has suggested changing this to a^b for two reasons - first, so it can be easier to compare with Conway's Chained Arrow, second so it will jibe with rule 2 better (note that a^1=a where a+1 is not), I decided to make the change.
Rule 2:Condition - last entry is 1 - {a,b,c,...,k,1} = {a,b,c,...,k}
This is very simple, if there's a 1 at the end, chop it off.

The source of the above text is here, of course, all rights to this belong to their respective owners, (because if I'm correct Bower's worked this out with someone else to), and is only being used for educational purposes.

Blog Post Comments

This is an archive for the future. It will be pasted into a Google docs folder when the list becomes too long. These posts are in order from future to past.

On happy late pi day or something by Alemagno12 (March 15, 2018)

Happy belated pi day in return! Though in a sentence or two of recommendation, it should be said one doesn't need to memorize pi in huge chunks, though if you have the time such memorization can be very satisfying. Just by memorizing 10 digits a day you'll quickly know hundreds of digits by the end of the month, and a thousand in the time it takes one Earth season to elapse!

On Happy Pi Day! by Daniellewiki (March 14, 2018)

55 digits is fairly good! Just out of curiosity, how far do you intend to go in the memorization of pi?

On Teratetrisplextrexdexoblexplexplexdextroqex Googolaxeplexinfinopleafininfinite Infinity by Shang Yang Yang (March 11,2018)

This number is not infinite by any means, but at least it's well-defined. 2, 5, 43, 101, 37879, 1287511, 15973851491714228200397, and 301534670076758759645899 are confirmed prime factors of your number. Here is the pronunciation.

On Contribution Question by BlausWasser (March 8, 2018)

Technically, the consensus was that it is okay for a user to post their own content, and if it questionable in quality a poll may be conducted in the talk page of that article, with the majority determining the right of the article to stay. However, the true efficacy of this method is questionable, as in an interchange with Jiawhein he revealed he left the site due to the reason that it was "filled more with more coined numbers which is not globally recognized", and that included ones added by one's self.

From the standpoint of someone on the outside looking in, this wiki is rather disparate in the amount of articles that could be called genuinely interesting, and is the main reason that people lose interest. So to sum it up, yes, you can add your own numbers, but please let it be interesting, always think, "how would a person visiting this site view my notation or number?", "how does it stand out, what grabs the person's attention?".

On Question in what way is pataphysics related to Googology. by Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X (March 6, 2018)

Both fields have no doubt very creative and imaginative practitioners, though googology is meant to be a more rigorous application of the imagination.

Users On This Wiki Search Results

You may consider this an amalgam of this user-page by Alemagno12 and this user-page by Cookiefonster, (as a caution the latter link contains a swear in the title).

Increasing String Search Results
A 25,270,000,000
Al 7,620,000,000
Ale 754,000,000
Alem 254,000,000
Alema 17,300,000
Alemag 62,600
Alemagn 3,260
Alemagno 53,900
Alemagno1 444
Alemagno12 2,760

Increasing String Search Results
A 25,270,000,000
Ar 2,540,000,000
Art 8,710,000,000
Arti 144,000,000
Artis 186,000,000
Artism 243,000
ArtismS 177,000
ArtismSc 27,900
ArtismScr No Search Results
ArtismScru No Search Results
ArtismScrub 2,590

Increasing String Search Results
C 13,630,000,000
Cl 1,110,000,000
Clo 40,100,000
Clou 19,000,000
Cloud 1,600,000,000
Cloudy 169,000,000
Cloudy1 244,000
Cloudy17 151,000
Cloudy176 17,600

Increasing String Search Results
C 13,610,000,000
Co 11,130,000,000
Coo 99,700,000
Cook 969,000,000
Cooki 2,730,000,000
Cookie 1,950,000,000
Cookief 14,300
Cookiefo 3,080
Cookiefon 5,240
Cookiefons 34,300
Cookiefonst 2,190
Cookiefonste 3
Cookiefonster 27,300

Increasing String Search Results
D 16,410,000,000
Da 8,240,000,000
Dan 3,510,000,000
Dani 237,000,000
Danie 14,600,000
Daniel 1,370,000,000
Daniell 5,870,000
Danielle 216,000,000
Daniellew 337,000
Daniellewi 28,700
Daniellewik 368
Daniellewiki 50,700

Increasing String Search Results
D 16,430,000,000
De 25,270,000,000
Dee 295,000,000
Deed 123,000,000
Deedl 107,000
Deedli 12,700
Deedlit 199,000
Deedlit1 1,430
Deedlit11 864

Increasing String Search Results
D 16,430,000,000
De 25,270,000,000
Den 3,690,000,000
Deni 29,200,000
Denis 255,000,000
Denis M 29,500,000
Denis Ma 111,000,000
Denis Mak 5,460,000
Denis Maks 365,000
Denis Maksu 81,300
Denis Maksud 207,000
Denis Maksudo 259,000
Denis Maksudov 76,900

Increasing String Search Results
G 7,920,000,000
Go 7,500,000,000
Goo 661,000,000
Goog 14,500,000
Googl 7,640,000
Google 10,270,000,000
Googlea 12,000,000
Googleaa 102,000
Googleaar 923
Googleaare 10,500
Googleaarex 1,980

Increasing String Search Results
H 7,180,000,000
Hy 279,000,000
Hyp 13,000,000
Hyp c 13,000,000
Hyp co 12,800,000
Hyp cos 360,000

Increasing String Search Results
I 25,270,000,000
Ik 509,000,000
Iko 28,300,000
Ikos 2,390,000
Ikosa 151,000
Ikosar 19,100
Ikosara 5,490
Ikosarak 124,000
Ikosarakt 334
Ikosarakt1 7

Increasing String Search Results
L 13,670,000,000
Li 1,620,000,000
Lit 556,000,000
Litt 4,780,000,000
Littl 6,900,000
Little 4,770,000,000
LittleP 1,070,000
LittlePe 205,000
LittlePen 273,000
LittlePeng 47,900
LittlePeng9 4,220

Increasing String Search Results
U 6,930,000,000
Us 14,070,000,000
Use 8,200,000,000
User 4,010,000,000
Usern 5,980,000
Userna 378,000
Usernam 104,000
Username 458,000,000
Username5 54,300
Username52 1,120
Username524 1,110
Username5243 2,130

Increasing String Search Results
V 11,260,000,000
Ve 5,690,000,000
Vel 318,000,000
Vel! the same as above; ! not considered character in search bar

Increasing String Search Results
W 9,340,000,000
Wy 155,000,000
Wyt 2,940,000
Wyth 1,230,000
Wytha 28,800
Wythag 8,430,000
Wythago 8,430,000
Wythagor 9
Wythagora 1
Wythagoras 16,900

Fun Fact

This page uses the ninth letter of the alphabet as a word in reference to myself 37 times! That's 37 too many if it is to be demonstrated that there are no narcissistic tendencies within the individual writing these words. So from now on the ninth letter of the alphabet, when used in reference to myself, will be done as scarcely as possible, and words such as "me", "myself", or "mine" will be avoided at all costs.

After all, it is extremely difficult to impossible to sound like a narcissus when prohibited from using that ninth glyph.

This may also have positive creative repercussions in writing, as constrained writing often engenders, (think Gadsby!).

"Ninth Glyph" counter, (as of the current moment):

\(\color{#FF0000}{\Rule{40ex}{20px}{0px} }\;\;3\)


i'm always damn scared when i visit your talk page and i hear some music. Unknown95387 (talk) 15:10, March 15, 2018 (UTC)

Perhaps some ocean waves will calm you down. 20?cb=20180315163540 Edwin Shade (talk) 16:40, March 15, 2018 (UTC)
oh my god you got me Unknown95387 (talk) 20:51, March 15, 2018 (UTC)

I cried when you got blocked.