I see that many interesting googological stuff appear in blog posts and user pages, but it may not be added to mainspace because of citation policy. I propose to soften the rule so that we shouldn't add only low-quality content to mainspace. Newcomers can learn many things from googology buried only in blog posts and user pages. Also, it is confusing, that we don't have the largest valid googologism (which I suppose is \(f^{10}(10 \uparrow^{10} 10)\), but it is hard to verify it) in the mainspace for now only because it is in blog post.

In addition, it gives a motivation to write good blog posts here so that they will be added to articles.

I'm not sure how precisely new rules would sound, but let's discuss it here.

What we have at 25.01.2020

Here is a summary.

1) Only blog posts should be included as a good source because they can be edited only by a single person or by an admin, and history keeps.

2) There will be a voting system for each work so that only high-quality works will be added to the mainspace.

3) Alternatively, we create a panel of trusted members, and that they will make the final decisions about what can be added to the mainspace.

4) Regarding categories on blog posts, there will be categories about things blog posts and about mainspace articles separately.

The time of voting (10 days) has been expired and nobody disagrees, so I'm going to edit the policy.

Current members of the panel

The following people were accepted their membership in the panel for now since the proposal of P進大好きbot:

If other mentioned people will respond on their talk pages, they will be added too.

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