I'm back with some more Y sequence stuff. This project started out as a legit algorithm for Y sequence ; it got really far, but then I started stumbling upon expansions, given by Yukito himself, which I couldn't understand. Even when getting a proper explanation, they still felt irregular and inconsistent to me. Thus, I kept my then current algorithm and ironed out all the kinks (I could find). And that's how Bismuth was born.

Y sequence was created by Yukito.


Installation and usage

The program can be simply downloaded right here.

The downloaded ZIP file contains the .jar file, as well as a .bat file (Windows) and a .sh file (for UNIX-based OS) to execute it.

Once ran, the program will simply ask you to input a sequence and once that's done it'll give you back the answer very quickly.

The source code is available here. I really couldn't be bothered with making something that works online, but if someone wants to do it, feel free to use the source like you please and make something of the sort. I'll include it in the post if that ever gets made.

If you find any bugs (most likely a big error message or an expansion that seems very wrong), please report them to me and I will get them fixed as soon as possible.

Relation to Y sequence

I don't know where, or if Bismuth diverges from Y sequence, since almost every bug that I have fixed lately seems to not only prevent an infinite loop/very bad behavior, but also makes Bismuth yet closer to Y sequence every time.

Now that this project is mostly closed, I'll fall back to attempts to extend STON a third and last time. However, this is still all I have for today.

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