I mean I already got that Rayo was the fastest growing function until 2014, only to be beaten by FOOT/FOST and nothing else as of today. I know that Rayo has some exotic stuff that gives it just the strength it has. I wanted to learn exactly how Rayo works, so I went to the page. But when I go to the explanation of the Rayo function, all I see is \(\phi \Psi \Theta \aleph \chi \delta \epsilon \Leftrightarrow \leftrightarrow \nabla \partial \eth \Im \Re \int \iint \iiint \iiiint\)\. And even wierder random stuff(I know that this notation will definitely not exist, just stated it to give an idea of how confusing Rayo is to understand based on the description of the Rayo function on the page Rayo's number). The only real thing I don't like is that the language used to describe Rayo and 99.99999% of the rest of the googological functions is that the only way they explain it is by using languages almost completely unheard of or even just made up, and have no intention to give the slightest explanations to beginners.

That said, can someone please explain Rayo to me in a language that isn't only known by 1,000 people across the solar system with minimum IQs of Rayo^(10^100) (10^100)(Where Rayo^(10^100) is Rayo's function iterated 10^100 times for those who might be confused about it)?

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