my mom has this christian hangout on a guy's channel , and go to 2:41:50 in , (my moms name is renee,im the squeaky 6th grader) ,its bowers himself,the worlds a small place,you know? and he said he's going to explained pentational arrays and the array of operater soon. :) im lucky,how far away is "soon" ???? i don't know. but i assume it's close (like,by years end) update:this is the current progress on the spaces arcticle has changend,and i quote "I'm currently planning on making the spaces article into a You-Tube series which I hope to begin soon. I'll go into more detail of the X structures and the climbing method." :)

next time i'll ask him some questions like where does meameamealokkapoowa oompa land on the FGH

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