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Hey, I was used just to enumerate Turing machines, but I wanted to go beyond this routine and do overall googology. My interest on \(\Sigma(n)\) still remains, though. For me, googology is a funny, recreational sort of mathemathics, but nonetheless I like things to be formalised and proved if possible.

Random thoughts

In my opinion, things that people do in the real world are much more complicated than our simple and intuitive googology.

Honestly, I'm interested in philosophy of googology more than in technical details of every notation.

If love and happiness can be expressed with numbers, then they are limitless.

Think before doing it, my fellow googologists!

Reverse googology on rational numbers. Could it give ideas to somebody?

Another weird thought.

I want to be useful here.

Axiom of truth: truth exists and there is only one truth.

Axiom of life: Universe and Humanity are eternal.

Feel free to improve the definition of truly pointless recursive croutordinal!

User avatar

My avatar comes from the game The Legend of Goddess.

Fun with names for 1

Other names for one are:

  • Zeroplex
  • Picoard
  • Tenthty