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A: What?! NO!!! IMPOSSIBLE! How did they get here? Robert, what did you do? I told you to stop them!!

R: I tried! But... there were too many of them. I couldn't stop them all. What do you want me to do? If I was a God this would be gone.

A: I don't care! You told me you knew how to stop them, no matter how many they were!

R: I guess I was wrong...

A: Wrong?

R: Yes, sir. Will die.

A: What?

R: Will die.












A: I... I can't... it's too complex. What will I do now? They are everywhere! He is commanding them all... I keep trying my best...

(See article 218)

\(f_{\psi^\text{CK}(K)}(100)\ \{10,125\}\)


Reached \(\omega^{\omega}\) (at least up to what has been confirmed) (Actually nah, that was said by an unexperienced googologist.)

I'm sorry, but what the actual gargantuant wtf are you reading this line for? \(C\) \(O\) \(R\) H E L \(P? L?\)

\(f_{\varphi} (YWNKWTM)\)

By the time you finish reading this sentence you will be aware of either your \(breathing\)

Oups. Sorry. I will make you no longer be aware of your breathing, oups sorry, I can't because you \(thought\) \(about\) \(it\)

My goal: To write a number bigger than Graham's Number using my own notation. (Achieved.)

Check out my big number sites!

MachineGun's Bulls Numbers

MachineGun's Illion Numbers

Update: I am working on numbers defined in my "Hyperfactorial Semi-Array notation". I have already coined 110+ googolisms.Note that on that site you will find more rules than on the blog post.

Hyperfactorial Semi-Array notation numbers

My evil plans:

-Tell people the listaments are well defined

-Make over 100 googolisms with a notation that you created an hour ago

-Attempt making the fastest growing function, by hoping that you get lucky

-Add categories to over 100 articles that "someone" (oh, I wonder who, it's the launcher of 1,000,000, edits -not to be confused with cloudy) created

-Make a salad but fast growing function

-Tell people that ALL my functions are well defined and they just don't undestand it.

My favorite things in googology

  • The FGH
  • Transfinite ordinals
  • Factorials
  • Uncomputable numbers and functions
  • Arrays
  • The Graham Function
  • Hyper operators
  • Fixed Points
  • Chess math

My favorite things in math

  • Hyper operators
  • Infinite and finite series
  • lcm and gcd
  • Irrational numbers
  • Infinities past \(\aleph_0\)
  • Functions with an input that when applied to a number give out a bigger result. Eg: X (n) = a, a>n
  • Round numbers. I HATE small numbers like 11,8,42,33, and I LOVE small numbers like 10,15,20,etc.
  • Chess math

My growing googolism

I have recently made a googolism that grows every day (previously unmentioned)

It started at 10↑↑↑↑10 on 1st of January and as of 9th of February it has the value of:

Bandicam 2018-02-09 14-45-18-922.jpg

I personally call it: MachineGun's Arrow Growing Number (MAGN) because I like the gun called Magnum

My googolisms

While not on the mainspace, I have coined a lot of googolisms, but not googologisms. (and I probably won't do the latter).

For example, the -bulls series is too big to fit inside this page, but you can see them on my website(s).

But not all of them are on the website (I will eventually add them).

Then there are the ones that I didn't focus as much on but they are the -illion series (Also can be seen on my websites).

And there also are other googolisms that I have made that have nothing to do with any series. Some examples are: Bastorry, Googolpie, Grand PI, Strikeswheel's Number, Fractalgoogol, and a ton of googolisms that I will describe in the future using my newly produced "Absolute Zero Function", that I will at some point upload on the wiki, because there is a lot to write and I only have so much time.

I have also coined the name for some previously unnamed numbers. Eg: Vsauce's Number.

On this page I will eventually upload some of my most important numbers

Funny number (not related to anything, was just me testing some MathJax),

\(f_{\psi_{\Omega*\Omega} * \omega *\omega + \varphi_\Omega}\) (3)


··  ··-·      -·--  ---  ··-      -·-·  ·-  -·      -  ·-·  ·-  -·  ···  ·-··  ·-  -  ·      -  ····  ··  ···      ····  ·-  ···-  ·      ·-      -·  ··  -·-·  ·      -··  ·-  -·--  


Ok, so, as you may have noticed, I quit. Actually no, I didn't. I still check here everyday but I haven't made any edits because I don't need to.

(Article 218)

We have repeatedly seen incidents of them hiding within shadows. New shadows. The attacks have slowed down, but we must not let our forces down! We must be prepared for a new attack at any time. Remember what the Old one taught us? It's easy to join them, but joining them will make you a loser. A big loser.