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You no match for almightly JIawhein!

here I am again.

In the 3 entries form, Graham's number is written as:

I shall be more active in my MWsnap wiki.

It's extremely hard to get such big contributor.

The worst thing that i seen in my life in this wiki is no female googolist...

Yes! i can use visual mode again!

Info of me! 16px-5929355.png

Hi, a am jiawheinalt, the alternative version of Jiawhein. And we joined wikia since 30 Dec 2012.

File:Very Large Unimaginable Numbers

This video shows some big numbers, rights to spooneads(youtube).

This user lives in south-eastern singapore. And any enquiries, please talk to me in the talk page.

This user has the rollback rights.

This user first known this wiki in sep.2012.

this user have no PMS because i am not a female, lol.

this user likes Utility templates and does more on these.

This user found out a youtube user who dislike onechannel layout.

My google + account.

Meet my youtube account: welcome... (BUT NOW IS INACTIVE.)

Memegenerator (sorry for any inconvenience caused):

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Single picture of how to go to SS's "many  site"(infinite_numbers_infinitely).
Click on the dot.

Omega! Ωω

TypeUser, rollback
Based onmy name, neo jiawei
Growth rate\(f_{0.3~for~now.}(n)\)
 Khelpcenter.pngThis user is now learning to understand the 4 entry linears. This user understands Expansion.
If we want to learn 4 entries, then we have to learn the 3 entries first.
And this user is trying to create brace function and i am going to work on it.
This user threats this wiki like as the founder.

My tasks:

What i will do...
The tasks is... Done or not.
The -illiard template... Must undelete the template. later
Numbers by sbiis saibian numbers, Hyper-E Notation change to Hyper-E notation. done, yes!!!!!!!!
Put the mi- to nov numbers into their respective catg(series). i do it with finding them and do it. later
Convert normal number text to math jax text. doing!
Put Tetration numbers into its category. done!...
The prefixes later
put numbers from numbers cat into the respective ( a class) dicked
Make a list of numbers that are googo- numbers [later]
The Googo- doing
Edit wiki nav of googolplex and googolduplex and put numbers 0-99 in the numbers tab dicked
do GossolSeries? wtf
The mega ExternalMegasmn later
Add numbers by aarex in his pages.


Redirect numbers number to number names. no? all time happen.

When not done, i will put 'doing', when i done the task, then i will put 'done'.

My task is not little, ripe?


Trivia in G wiki

  • \((m)(n)\) is \(m \cdot n\), because it is m groups of n's or n groups of m's.
  • Other wiki does not have \(mathjax\) format?!
  • Top three longest named number in words:
  • Admins can edit other people Blog!! My reaction to sysop can edit others' blog: FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!
  • \(\left(a^b\right)^c \not= a^{\left(b^c\right)}\), why, (3^3)^3 = 27^3 = 19683and the other one is: 3^3^3 = 3^27 = 7625597484987. And a^b^c = (a^b)^c, (3^3)^3 = (27)^3 = 19683.
  • Exponentiation is \(\not= f_2(n)\) but is \(\approx f_2(n)\) because it is \(a^b \not= b^a\). (The average of them... So, it is ≈...) Except when they are both same or they are 1 or 2, though they the hyper operator on the positive integers...!
  • Exponentiation onwards, they will not be associative nor commutative anymore.


  • 5^4^3^2^1 = 5^4^3^2.

\(:=\) ~ 

Q. What is 1+1?
A: 2

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