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Ikosarakt is hypercube-20. If someone want to draw it, look at first 15 hypercubes.

The list of useful links

[1] It can handle power towers and thereby allows to make comparisons between tetrational-sized numbers.

Truly powerful and fast Java calculator (20+ million digits). It calculates \(2^{1000000}\) after few deciseconds. I highly recommend it.

[2]. There is also nice calculator.

[3]. Turing machine online.

[4]. Unusual converter that works with arbitrary bases.

[5]. String length determiner. There are also other string functions on that site.

[6]. Elapsed time calculator. You can find out when you can celebrate, say, your 1000000000-th second (~31.7 years), 10000000-th minute (~19 years), 1000000-th hour (~114.1 years), 100000-th day (~273.8 years), 10000-th week (~191.6 years).

The list of my subpages

Block "666". This page contains 1211 last digits of 2^^1213 and shows that 2^^n for any n >= 1213 cannot be non-apocalyptic.

Weak hyper-operators. Research on weak hyper-operators (that related to down-arrow notation).

Skewes' number. Attempt to calculate leading digits of Skewes' number.

Goucher's strings. List of comparisons between Goucher's strings for his T(n) function and googological notations.

Buchholz's hydras. List of comparisons between Buchholz's hydras and googological notations.

Conversion table. Converts different time units in form 10^n to years and shows from which year that many time elapsed.

Nonregular Turing machines with 5 states. There I keep Turing machines with 5 states that have unknown behavior and can be busy beavers.

Extension of traditional notations for non-recursive ordinals. Attempt to define ordinals unimaginably higher than \(\omega_1^\text{CK}\).

Optimized notation. Trying to define compact, unambiguous and intuitively understandable notation which is capable to express all traditional ones.

Busy beavers. List of busy beavers and best contenders.

Programs. List of programs which when computed could lead to large numbers.

Rayo's expressions.