I'm Ecl1psed276.  I've been studying googology since September 2017.  I first stumbled across the field when I found the website Pointless Gigantic Number Stuff and became hooked on stupidly large numbers.  I joined the Googology discord server around April 2018 under the name "ecl1". As of September 28, 2019, I am the current owner of the discord server.

My favorite notation is Y sequence by Yukito.

My stuff

I am working on my own notation called Star Notation that is in development.  I plan to write 1 or more blog posts in the near future on it. The following are the currently planned stages of star notation:

1st will be basic bracket notation, getting up to \(\omega\).

2nd will be linear array notation, reaching \(\omega^\omega\).

3rd will be nested array notation, reaching \(\varepsilon_0\).

4th will be extended array notation, reaching \(\psi(\Omega_\omega)\).

5th will be primary star notation, reaching the limit of pDAN.

6th will be extended star notation, reaching past DAN, and getting to at least (0,0,0)(1,1,1)(2,2,1)(3,2,0) in BM4.


first column name second column name
thing 111111111
asdf 123456789
adsfasdfasdfasdf 1233233232323232323
gggggggggggg 7185261928718274
rrrwrwrwwrwrwrwwrrwwrwrrwrw 9876543210
fffffffffff 3141592653589793238
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