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My interest in googology started when I was in 5th grade. I was browsing Wikipedia when I came across descriptions of TREE(3) and Rayo's Number. I found this wiki, but quickly lost interest in combinatorical functions. I started learning about recursion and ordinals, and soon I have become very good at it.

As a 9th grader currently, I have developed a strong understanding to recursion and OCFs. I am very good at analysing stuff, but not so good at inventing stuff.

Almost all of these projects below involve plunging into the deep darkness of very large recursive ordinals.

Check out my site at It's a brief intro to googology for the first few chapters, and an expert handbook for the later chapters (tho it contains lots of errors that are yet to be fixed).

In the site, I write about ordinals, formalize+analyze Hyp cos's R function, and explain set theory. Unfortunately, its all WIP.

Active projects

"Normal" OCFs vs a different version of R function Where I will be analyzing a different version of R function with my own OCF. IMPORTANT EDIT: The "R function" inside is ill-defined, and is only included to illustrate how my OCF actually works. Don't take it too seriously!

Also Comparison of my multiple OCFs

BMS analysis Currently working on this

Dormant projects

High-level Catching Function analysis Ill-defined

Ordinal Explorer notation analysis

Definition of cardinals in words Attempt to describe large cardinals in words that beginners will probably understand.

TON analysis


Extinct projects

Pi notation analysis Ill-defined

FGH array notation I'm not a good notation creator...

Complete projects

None of the projects will be complete any time soon. Perhaps wait 5 years?

This is stupid

This is stupid

TEST Don't read this!! Used for multiple non-googology purposes.