Ungol in zeroes

The ungol is equal to \(r(10^{50},1)\) in Rampant Array Notation or gogol squared a gogol times[1]. The number was coined by Googology Wiki user Nirvana Supermind. It is larger than Skewe's Number but smaller than Googolduplex.


The name is derived from googol and the prefix un- meaning 1.


Notation Approximation
Scientific notation \(10^{10^{3.01\cdot{10^{49}}}}\)
Up-arrow notation \((10 \uparrow 50) \uparrow {2 \uparrow (10 \uparrow 50)}\) (exact value)
Rampant Array Notation r(10^50,1) (exact value)
BEAF {{10,50},{2,{10,50}}} (exact value)
Hyperfactorial Array Notation 40!!!
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_2^{3}(158)\)


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