Not to be confused with Absolute infinity.

True Infinity is an incremental game created by Reinhardt with extremely large numbers and currently has the second largest numbers of any incremental game.[1] The numbers go from 100 to 10 pentated to 3, beyond the limit of break_eternity.js. It works quite similarly to Infinite Layers but with less cost scaling and on a larger scale, but then you unlock automation. This automation makes the game go much, much faster than Infinite Layers, by making it go to prestige layer^1.1 every second at tier 5, and with the 6th tier of automation the prestige layers increase tetrationally.

The game is currently undergoing redevelopment and balancing in order to prolong gameplay and have a more reasonable progression. Most of the redevelopment is being done by Nyan Cat. This version is already released, and a lot of people have complained that the update was a huge downgrade, since the game runs thousands of times slower. The code for either the current version or the previous version are available on Glitch and Github respectively.

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