Not to be confused with triangol.

Triangrol is equal to trn10(2), where trn(n) is the n-th triangular number.[1] It is 133 digits long.

The full decimal expansion is shown below:



Notation Lower bound Upper bound
Scientific notation \(2.325\times10^{132}\) \(2.326\times10^{132}\)
Arrow notation \(393\uparrow51\) \(394\uparrow51\)
Steinhaus-Moser Notation 71[3] 72[3]
Copy notation 2[133] 3[133]
Chained arrow notation \(393\rightarrow51\) \(394\rightarrow51\)
Taro's multivariable Ackermann function A(3,437) A(3,438)
PlantStar's Debut Notation [78] [79]
BEAF & Bird's array notation {393,51} {394,51}
Bashicu matrix system (0)(0)(0)(0)(0)[11633] (0)(0)(0)(0)(0)[11634]
Hyperfactorial array notation 87! 88!
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_2(430)\) \(f_2(431)\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{\omega^2}(430)\) \(H_{\omega^2}(431)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy \(g_{\omega^{51}}(393)\) \(g_{\omega^{51}}(394)\)


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