Sasquatch is a googologism based on an extension of the language of set theory. It was defined on 27th March 2017 by user Emlightened.[1] It is also called Big Bigeddon. It would have been the largest valid googolism, but the community cannot currently understand it. Thus, that honor is given to Little Bigeddon.

Definition of Sasquatch

We work in the language \((\in, \bar\in, <)\), where equality is a defined symbol. \(\in\), \(\bar\in\) and \(<\) are binary predicates, we also define the unary functions \(F\) and \(R\) from these.

We then define the Sasquatch as the largest number \(k\) such that there is some unary formula \(\phi\) in the language \(\{\bar\in,Q\}\) (where \(Q(a,b) \leftrightarrow R(a)=b\)) of quantifier rank \(\leq 12\uparrow\uparrow 12\) such that \(\exists ! a (\phi(a)) \wedge \phi(k)\).


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