Sam's Number is a "number" described in an article written on Googology Wiki in Feb. 2014 by a user under the alias "SammySpore":[1][2]

Sam's number is so gigantically huge it cannot be described. It boggles the mind. Actually, it would boggle a megafugafzgargoogolplex minds.

If you want a small glimpse of how big it is, here. Sam's Number is enormously larger than Rayo's Number. It can fill a greagol multiverses. Actually it can fill so much more than that, it is undescribable.

The article was quickly deleted due to the site's restrictions on unsourced original content, but it grew into an inside joke in the googology community as an example of lazy and badly defined googology.

Sam's Number was mentioned in a joke article by Sbiis Saibian about Easter bunnies.[3]

Googology Wiki user I am a McCree God claimed on his site that he calculated Sam's Number and it turned out to be equal to 1 followed by \((10\uparrow\uparrow)^{202}(10\uparrow)^{96}8.0291 \times 10^{218}\) zeroes.[4]


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