Salad number is a derogatory term for a googolism consisting of an inelegant mishmash of existing numbers or functions.[1][2] They are often coined by inexperienced googologists holding the false notions that a more complex definition is a more powerful one, and that a function like the factorial or G(n) that is strong by mainstream mathematical standards will always have a large effect no matter how big the number gets.

Most commonly used for salad numbers is the factorial as the factorial can seem far stronger than it actually is to an inexperienced googologist.

The term was coined by Nathan Ho, founder of Googology Wiki. Sbiis Saibian jokingly states the "rule 34 of googology" as, "If a googolism exists, there is a salad number for it, exceptions," analogous to Rule 34 of the Internet.

Examples of salad numbers include numbers like BOX M̃ and Meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa, as well as the changing deliberate salad number Croutonillion.

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