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Not to be confused with SAN.

SSAN is a notation introduced by a Japanese Googology Wiki user mrna,[1] and is the first notation which employs side nesting. It consists of infinite systems 0-SSAN, 1-SSAN, 2-SSAN, …, and ω-SSAN.

There are three large numbers defined by SSAN: 七星の剣数, 絶対秘神の七星剣数, and 二童子達のバックナンバーズ. The names of the first two numbers come from spell cards of a character 摩多羅隠岐奈[2] in Japanese famous video game series 東方Project, and the name of the third number comes from nicknames of characters 爾子田里乃[3] and 丁礼田舞[4] in the series.


Although the full system is currently ill-defined, 0-SSAN has been defined.


The first system 0-SSAN has already been formalised, and was used to define a large number 七星の剣数 submitted to a Japanese googological event.[5] This system can be roughly given by interpreting pair sequences with respect to Bashicu matrix system version 2.3 into labeled brackets. In particular, the limit of 0-SSAN corresponds to \(\psi_0(\Omega_{\omega})\) with respect to Buchholz's function.


The second system 1-SSAN was partially defined, and was used to define two large numbers 絶対秘神の七星剣数 and 二童子達のバックナンバーズ submitted to a Japanese googology event.[6][7] However, many errors were found in the original definition of 1-SSAN, and hence the two large numbers were rejected by the referees of the event. Although 1-SSAN is intended to go beyond \(\psi(\Omega_{K+1})\) with respect to an undefined ordinal collapsing function \(\psi\) and the least weakly compact cardinal \(K\), it has not been completely defined yet.

Higher SSANs

The latter systems such as 2-SSAN and ω-SSAN have not been formalised, either. According to Yukito, the limit of ω-SSAN is expected to go beyond the limit of SY sequence, which is Yukito's unformalised notation expected to go beyond the limit of Y sequence, which is expected to go beyond the limit of Bashicu matrix system version 2.3 under the assumption of the terminations of their formalisations.


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