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Qdrdoocol or 14-noogol is equal to s(10,14) using strong array notation, or 1014 = 100,000,000,000,000.[1] The term was coined by Aarex Tiaokhiao. Nirvana Supermind calls this number gooktol[2], and it's equal to r(107) in Rampant Array Notation.

As a banknote denomination

Some currencies, such as the German Papiermark, the Hungarian pengő and the third Zimbabwean dollar, had banknotes with this number in the denomination; only the Hungarian pengő had higher denominations.


Notation Lower bound Upper bound
Scientific notation \(1\times10^{14}\)
Arrow notation \(10\uparrow14\)
Steinhaus-Moser Notation 12[3] 13[3]
Copy notation 9[14] 1[15]
Taro's multivariable Ackermann function A(3,43) A(3,44)
Pound-Star Notation #*(4,3,7)*4 #*(5,3,7)*4
BEAF {10,14}
Hyper-E notation E14
Bashicu matrix system (0)(0)[3162] (0)(0)[3163]
Hyperfactorial array notation 16! 17!
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_2(41)\) \(f_2(42)\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{\omega^2}(41)\) \(H_{\omega^2}(42)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy \(g_{\omega^{\omega+4}}(10)\)


Basic notation:
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