Lvapofrtri is a number equal to 1[(4)[1]]0(76) using Revised Pehan Notation.[1] The term was coined by Licorneuhh.

It is also equal to 7676[(3)[76,76,76,76...,76,76]]76(76) with 76 entries "76" in the array.


Notation Approximation
BEAF \(\{76,76(1)4\}\)
Cascading-E notation \(\textrm{E}76\#\text{^}\#76\#\text{^}\#76\#\text{^}\#76\)
Hyperfactorial array notation 76![1,3,1,2]
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_{(\omega^\omega)3}(76)\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{\omega^{(\omega^{\omega})3}}(76)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy (using this system of fundamental sequences) \(g_{\vartheta((\Omega^{\Omega})2+\Omega^{\omega})}(76)\)


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