Kudi-Chan's Number is an example of a naive extension to Graham's number, and of a salad number. It is defined as follows:

  • \(k_0=4\)
  • \(k_1=G\uparrow\uparrow\uparrow\uparrow G\) where \(G\) is Graham's number
  • \(k_2=G \underbrace{\uparrow\uparrow\cdots\uparrow\uparrow}_{k_1 \text{ arrows}} G\)
  • \(k_n=G \underbrace{\uparrow\uparrow\cdots\uparrow\uparrow}_{k_{n-1} \text{ arrows}} G\)
  • \(k_G=\text{Kudi-Chan's number}\)

It can be shown that this number is upper-bounded by GG64+64 in Graham's function.

It was named as such by Cookiefonster, who found this number in an unpublished article in Sbiis Saibian's Large Numbers website.[1]


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