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Joycian trimentri is equal to \(\text g(3^{27},1,1,4,3,3)\) in Joyce's More Generalized Exponential Notation.[1][2][3] The value was created by Andre Joyce as a failed attempt to define the Bowersism trimentri. This number is approximately equal to {3,{3,27},1,2}, while the real value of trimentri is even larger, which is {3,3((1)1)2}.


Notation Approximation
BEAF {3,{3,27},1,2}
Extended Hyper-E notation E3##3#(E[1]3#3)
Chained arrow notation 3 → 3 → (3 → 27) → 2
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_{\omega+1}(f_2(37))\)


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