The guapamongaplex is equal to a 10guapamonga legion array filled with 10guapamonga & 10 arrays, solved with BEAF.[1] The term was coined by Jonathan Bowers. It is equal to \(10^{\text{guapamonga}} \&\& (10^{\text{guapamonga}} \& 10)\) = \(\{10,10 (/\text{guapamonga}) 2\}\) using the array of operator.

Guapamongaplex used to be Bowers' largest named googolism.[2] However, now his largest is meameamealokkapoowa oompa (or Utter Oblivion if we include uncomputable numbers).

It is pronounced like so:



  1. Bowers, JonathanInfinity Scrapers. Retrieved January 2013.

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