A goonrol is equal to \(r(10^{11})\) in Rampant Array Notation or 1022 [1]. The number was coined by Googology Wiki user Nirvana Supermind. According to the creator, it is notable in computer science for being the largest power of ten which can be represented exactly in the double floating-point format (which has a 53-bit significand, also called the mantissa).


The term goonrol is based on the nikharva (1011) in the Indian counting and googol which is r(1050).


Notation Approximation
Scientific notation \(10^{22}\) (exact value)
Up-arrow notation \(10 \uparrow{22}\) (exact value)
Rampant Array Notation \(r(10^{11})\) (exact value)
Chained arrow notation \(10 \rightarrow 22 \rightarrow 1\) (exact value)
BEAF \(\{10,22\}\) (exact value)
Hyperfactorial Array Notation \(23!0\)
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_2(67)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy \(g_{\omega^{2\omega+2}}(10)\)


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