The googolsextiplexidex is equal to E100#7#2 using Hyper-E Notation.[1][2] The term was coined by Sbiis Saibian.


The name googolsextiplexidex comes from the word googolsextiplex and the suffix -dex, so this number has a power tower of googolsextiplex terms high topped off with 100.


Notation Lower bound Upper bound
Arrow notation \(10 \uparrow\uparrow (10 \uparrow)^7 101\) \(10 \uparrow\uparrow (10 \uparrow)^7 102\)
Chained arrow notation \(57 \rightarrow (57 \rightarrow 7 \rightarrow 2) \rightarrow 2\) \(57 \rightarrow (58 \rightarrow 7 \rightarrow 2) \rightarrow 2\)
BEAF & Bird's array notation \(\{57,\{57,7,2\},2\}\) \(\{57,\{58,7,2\},2\}\)
Hyperfactorial array notation (8!1)!1 (9!1)!1
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_3(f_2^{7}(324))\) \(f_3(f_2^{7}(325))\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{(\omega^3)+\omega^2 \times 7}(324)\) \(H_{(\omega^3)+\omega^2 \times 7}(325)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy \(g_{\varepsilon_{\omega↑↑7}}(57)\) \(g_{\varepsilon_{\omega↑↑7}}(58)\)


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