Lexexvi is in Joyce's factorial series formed with a verbalized -x- and the -fa suffix, 76! = g(2, g(75, 0, -1, 76), 76). It has 112 digits and its decimal representation is:



Notation Lower bound Upper bound
Scientific notation \(1.885\times10^{111}\) \(1.886\times10^{111}\)
Arrow notation \(172\uparrow51\) \(6\uparrow143\)
Steinhaus-Moser Notation 62[3] 63[3]
Copy notation 1[112] 2[112]
Taro's multivariable Ackermann function A(3,366) A(3,367)
Pound-Star Notation #*(1,5,2,6,0,1,2,1)*8 #*(2,5,2,6,0,1,2,1)*8
BEAF {172,51} {6,143}
Hyper-E notation E111 2E111
Hyperfactorial array notation 76!
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_2(361)\) \(f_2(362)\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{\omega^2}(361)\) \(H_{\omega^2}(362)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy \(g_{\omega^{57}39}(84)\) \(g_{\omega^{\omega^23+\omega5+5}}(6)\)

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