Googolmegaplex in zeroes

A googolmegaplex (also called googolmillimilliplex by Sbiis Saibian[1]) is equal to a googol followed by 1,000,000 plexes.[2][3] In Hyper-E notation it can be written compactly as E100#(1+E6) and as power tower, 1010...10100 (with million+1 10's).


The name of this number is based on SI prefix "mega-" and the number "googolplex". Sbiis Saibian mentions this number on his website, although he its not the googologist who coined it. The earliest known occurence of this number is from a large number list which appeared on November 17th, 2004. It is not known with certainty who the author of this googolism is, but it has since spread and become a popular extension on the googol and googolplex


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