Fyn is a number equal to 10(76) using Revised Pehan Notation.[1] The term was coined by Licorneuhh.

It can be described as 76↑76↑76↑...76↑76...767676 with 76 layers, using Arrow notation.

Fyn visual representation.png


Notation Approximation
Strong array notation \(s(76,76,2,2)\)
Chained arrow notation \(76\rightarrow 76\rightarrow 76\rightarrow 2\)
Hyperfactorial array notation 76![2]
BEAF {76,77,1,2}
Graham's function G(76)
Graham Array Notation [76,76,1,76] (exact)
Fast-growing hierarchy \(f_{\omega+1}(76)\)
Hardy hierarchy \(H_{\omega^\omega 76}(76)\)
Slow-growing hierarchy \(g_{\Gamma_0}(77)\)


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