Articles in this category lack valid sources. Please add valid sources to the articles. For more details on the validity of a source, see also the following:

Here is a brief list of examples of articles on googological notions, e.g. specific large numbers, which lack valid sources.

  1. An article on a googological notion which does not refer to the first external source or a peer-reviewed external source of the definition of the notion.
  2. An article on a googological notion defined in a Googology Wiki user blog post which has not passed the voting system.

For example, an article on a large number \(X\) should include a valid source on \(X\) itself. Even if a reference can be a valid external source of another large number \(Y\), it cannot be a valid source of \(X\) unless it is the first source or a peer-reviewed source of \(X\).

To add a page to this category, type {{No source}} or {{No Source}} on the top of the page.

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