Antimatter Dimensions is an incremental game made by Hevipelle in which you get more and more antimatter. The \(n\)th dimension produces the \(n-1\)th dimension and the 1st dimension produces antimatter. The game has many layers of prestige, and a player can reach a googol antimatter in only a couple of hours. Then, once you reach 1.79×10308 antimatter (which is equal to 21,024 or 2210), you reach "infinity", where you must reset. The reason for this is that an early version of the game was limited by the biggest number possible in double precision floating-point estimation with computers. That number is about 1.79×10308. But then you can "break" infinity and go beyond that number of antimatter. It requires special code in the game to do this, but one can achieve massive numbers like googolding, googolchime, millillion, googolbell, googoltoll, googolgong, maximusmillion, micrillion, and even googolbong, at 10100,000,000.

Aarex Tiaokhiao has made a well-known modification to Antimatter Dimensions known as NG+++, which speeds up the early game and adds a ton of new content. It reaches more than a trialogue and all the way up to 10^10^17.

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