The alpha series is a series of numbers from \(f_0(10)\) to \(f_{10^{24}}(10)\) defined using the fast-growing hierarchy (i.e. beginning from zeralum and up to yottalum).[1] The numbers were coined by wiki user Denis Maksudov.

List of numbers on the series

Name of number Fast-growing hierarchy (exact equality)
Zeralum \(f_0(10) = 11\)
Unalum \(f_1(10) = 20\)
Balum \(f_2(10) = 10,240\)
Tralum \(f_3(10)\)
Quadralum \(f_4(10)\)
Quintalum \(f_5(10)\)
Sextalum \(f_6(10)\)
Septalum \(f_7(10)\)
Octalum \(f_8(10)\)
Nonalum \(f_9(10)\)
Dekalum \(f_{10}(10)\)
Hektalum \(f_{100}(10)\)
Kilalum \(f_{1000}(10)\)
Megalum \(f_{10^6}(10)\)
Gigalum \(f_{10^9}(10)\)
Teralum \(f_{10^{12}}(10)\)
Petalum \(f_{10^{15}}(10)\)
Exalum \(f_{10^{18}}(10)\)
Zettalum \(f_{10^{21}}(10)\)
Yottalum \(f_{10^{24}}(10)\)


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