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69 (sixty-nine) is a positive integer following 68 and preceding 70. Its ordinal form is written "sixty-ninth" or 69th.


  • 69 is an odd composite number.
  • 69! < googol < 70!. Many scientific calculators will overflow at exactly googol, so on these calculators 69! is the maximal factorial number that can be stored.[1]
  • The sum of the divisors of 69 is 96, its digits reversed.
  • 69 is also a semiprime number.[2]

Cultural significance

  1. It is associated with a sex position.
  2. It is also the highest number ever given to a DTTV physical channel.
  3. Often times, because of its sexual connotation, you will hear Nice after it is said, no matter the context.

In googology

In Greek-based number-naming systems, 69 is associated with prefix "enneahexaconta-", and with prefix "novemsexaginti-" in Latin systems.



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