120 (one hundred twenty) is a positive integer following 119 and preceding 121. A rare name for it is twelfty.[1] Since "hundred" used to refer to either 100 or 120, the names long hundred and great hundred for 120 were also coined to disambiguate them.

120 is:

  • the eighth tetrahedral number
  • the 15th triangular number
  • 5! = 5x4x3x2x1
  • the 5th Superior Highly Composite Number
  • the smallest number with 16 divisors
  • Ten dozen
  • Six score
  • 120 is the first number whose sum of its proper divisors equals twice the number itself.
  • It is also equal to 10!!!!.
  • The number of faces of a disdyakis triacontahedron, which is the isohedral 3-dimensional shape with the most faces, excluding dipyramids and trapezohedra. Fair 120-sided dice in this shape has been mass-produced.

In chess

It is also the number of possible bishop moves in 5×5 minichess.

In gaming

120 has appeared several times in Super Mario games, for instance:


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