12 (twelve) is a positive integer following 11 and preceding 13. Its ordinal form is written "12th" or "twelfth".


12 is an even composite number.

12 is the first abundant number.

12 is the second semiperfect number.

12 is a friendly number.

A set of 12 objects is often called a dozen. That type of set gets its own name because many things are grouped in twelve: for example, twelve months in a year, twelve inches in a foot, twelve eggs in a typical container, etc.

There are 12 size-3 Latin squares.

In googology

In Greek-based number-naming systems, 12 is associated with prefix "dodeka-", and with prefix "duodeci-" in Latin systems.


In the Czech and Slovak languages, 12 is called tucet.

Aarex Tiaokhiao coined the name duodecimal-uoonol for this number.[1]

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