Note: This number name exceeds the character capacity Fandom has to name a page.

The tretrigintameco-septuagintasescentiveco-tretrigintatrecentixono-sexnonagintaducentiyocto-septenquinquagintaducentizepto-duovigintiducentiatto-quinoctogintacentifemto-octoquadragintacentipico-undecicentinano-quattuorseptuagintamicro-septentrigintamilli-novemnonagintanongentillion is equal to 10101,010,999,888,777,666,555,444,333,222,111,000 in the short scale. The term was coined by Trakaplex trying to mess with the 'ascen' series he coined on the post asking what comes after centillion[1]. He was also using the Bowers' number system.


  1. Trakaplex, a comment to "What comes after centillion?" in
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