A template for web citations.

{{cite web|first=|last=|authorlink=|url=|title=|work=|publisher=|accessdate=}}
  • first and last are the author's first and last names.
  • authorlink is the Googology Wiki page that the author's name links to.
  • url is the address of the page.
  • title is the name of the page.
  • work is the name book/website it comes from.
  • publisher is the publishing company.
  • accessdate is the month when the page was accessed.

Any fields can be left blank.

{{cite web|first=Jonathan|last=Bowers|authorlink=Jonathan Bowers|url=http://polytope.net/hedrondude/scrapers.htm|title=Infinity Scrapers|accessdate=January 2013}}

Bowers, JonathanInfinity Scrapers. Retrieved January 2013.

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